Church Online Guide – October 18th, 2020

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Dear Church Family,

Welcome to CHURCH ONLINE! To be honest, we can see how God has been preparing us at Xperience Church for this “Defining Moment” in history. Over the last 5 months we have been talking all about coming back to the table in our homes and inviting God to the table. We have talked about how to lead our families and groups well by affirming one another, sharing the word of God with each other, praying for one another, and taking communion together in our homes. And now God has given us an opportunity as a church to live this out and see the fruit of it. We were just discussing the other day, if we were ever put in a situation that we couldn’t gather together in a church building, we knew that our church families would be equipped because we’ve learned how to bring God into our homes. This truly is a defining moment…and we know you’re going to shine bright through it. We’ve put this CHURCH ONLINE  guide together to help you this weekend and throughout the week. Remember the church is not a building…the Church is YOU and ME. Let’s be the church to the world around us during this time.


This weekend we will be streaming online a special service that will include worship, prayer, and an encouraging message. So, let’s not just sit at home and watch the news, but instead gather our family, friends, and small groups around the TV or computer for CHURCH ONLINE. Go to FaceBook or YouTube on Sunday at 9 am to join us live, or watch On Demand during the week. Let’s share a moment together!

We live in anxious times in an anxious world. And people need the hope of the gospel now more than ever. This is a moment to reach our friends and family in a way that they may not have been open to before. Who could you share the digital message with this week? Send them a link to tune in or invite them to a watch party online so they too can find peace in the middle of a storm.

We have not only planned an online service for each of us, but we haven’t forgotten our kids either. We encourage you to lead your children in a bible lesson of their own this Sunday. The Kids team has worked hard to put together resources for you to have XKIDS CHURCH ONLINE as well. Click HERE for KIDS CHURCH OLNINE.

It’s a great opportunity to take communion at home as well. At the end of the service grab some crackers and juice and join your family, friends together for a time of communion. Thank God for the bread that represents Christ’s body and healing, pray over it and take the bread. Thank God for the juice that represents Christ blood and forgiveness, pray over it and take the juice.

Half of Xperience Church attendees already give online which makes a huge impact on our church budget and ability to be generous as a church (especially in times like this). For those that want to continue to worship God through their giving this week, perhaps now is a perfect opportunity to make that switch to online giving. Go to to give online.

Our decisions may rapidly change from week to week. We don’t know what the following weeks hold, so stay tuned in to Xperience Church website, Facebook page, and Instagram page for the latest news and updates as well as encouraging video devotions. Let’s go on the journey together…while we maybe can’t gather together physically, we can stay united through amazing technology. We also are in discussions with community leaders on how we can serve our cities through this trial. We will bring you updates through email and social media on the role you can play in that.

We love you each very much. We are praying for you and your family. We look forward to having CHURCH ONLINE with you this week. Remember let’s not just HAVE church during this time, let’s BE the church.

P.S. It’s a perfect time to revisit our FOUNDATIONS series from a few months ago to equip you for the next few weeks. Check it out HERE. Also go back and watch our practical message on how to gather your family or friends in your home and invite God’s presence…just in time for CHURCH AT HOME. Check it out HERE.

“No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; for He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:10-11

Pastor Kyle and Justeina and the entire Xperience Team