What Is Connect Track?

Xperience Connect Track is uniquely designed with you in mind! Here at Xperience Church, we believe that God has a purpose, plan, and adventure for every one of us to live. The Connect Track is strategically planned to equip you to become everything that God wants for you to be! Connect Track consists of 4 consecutive weeks of classes:

Steps to Connect Track


This class guides you on the spiritual journey that God has for each of us: to follow Jesus. We will cover the following topics: how to Know God, why a relationship with God is important, & what water baptism really means. We also offer the opportunity for you to be water baptized immediately following the class.


This class will help you discover your personality, gifts, and purpose in life. Come explore how God combines them for your best fit in ministry.


This class helps you discover the mission and vision of Xperience Church. You also learn how the church was started, and get answers to important questions that you may have about the church.



This class is a training session in the serve area of your choice. Come hear about the serving opportunities at Xperience Church and find a team that best fits you. Connect Track is complete when you join or start a serve team.