The Xperience Internship is a ten month program ( August -May ) designed to train and equip the next generation of leaders to work within and beyond the walls of our church. We’re looking for self-motivated, focused and passionate people (ages 18-30) who are interested in getting hands-on experience and making an eternal difference in our communities. What are you waiting for? APPLY TODAY!

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What is the Schedule and Expectations?

A minimum commitment of 20 hours per week is expected from Interns, which will include Tuesday’s, Thursdays and Sunday mornings. These days can vary depending on the track but can also offer some flexibility around your schedule. Specific schedules are clarified during the interview process.

What About Housing and Transportation?

The majority of your internship responsibilities will require that you have a
reliable form of transportation and housing within a reasonable distance of the Campus/location where you are assigned.

Is This a Paid Internship?

While this is not a paid internship, all interns accepted into the program will be offered the opportunity to participate in support raising. The investment of $500.00 is required to start the program (this can be included in your support raising) and anything raised beyond that ,will go into your own support raising fund. You will then receive those raised funds, in the form of a stipend bi-weekly, just like you would a paycheck. The purpose of support raising is to help lessen some financial burden on you during the internship, so you may focus on the call God has on your life.

What Will I Be Doing?

You’ve probably heard of internships that include tasks like taking out the garbage, making copies, and running errands for your boss. While we do run errands and you may make a few coffee runs, at Xperience Church, we are committed to reaching and developing young leaders to carry out the mission.

Does the Internship Lead to Employment?

While it’s true that some of our staff members began in ministry as an intern, a job is not promised after your internship. What we do promise, is an opportunity to grow and develop your leadership skills, learn more about your God given purpose and strengthen your ability to lead yourself and others well . We are looking for people that are excited about all God is doing in and through Xperience Church, whether that leads to a job in the church or not.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Internship Program is open to young adults ages 18-30. You must be willing to attend Xperience church Sunday services during this internship.